Client Satisfaction Survey

We want to hear from you! At Diablo View Veterinary Hospital, we value each client relationship. Will you please take a moment to complete this brief survey so that we can continue to improve our customer satisfaction and client services?

    How many years have you been a client with us?
    How did you hear about our practice?
    How would you rate the overall level of service at our hospital for your most recent visit?
    How would you rate our overall level of appearance/cleanliness for your most recent visit?
    Was the technician courteous during your consultation?
    Did you request to see a specific doctor?
    Was the veterinarian courteous and genuinely concerned with your pet's health?
    Did the veterinarian explain your pet's health or illness clearly and completely?
    Do you feel that your pet received quality professional veterinary care?
    How would you rate the overall value received for the price of your visit?

    If your pet was hospitalized, did you receive adequate home-care instructions?
    Would you recommend Diablo View Veterinary Hospital to your friends and family?
    Do you plan to continue your pets' care at Diablo View?
    If no, please explain:
    Which of the following pets do you own that visit Diablo View?