Leading Edge Diagnostics & Monitoring Equipment

Electrocardiograms (ECG)

We have the ECG equipment to help us monitor your pet’s heart while under anesthesia and to better diagnose cardiac illness before it becomes serious.

In-Hospital Blood Analyzer

Diagnostic lab work is a vital key to understanding and treating your pet’s illness. We are capable of running many important lab tests in-hospital, including FeLV/FIV, complete blood counts, blood glucose and blood chemistry profiles. Immediate test results are very important for critically ill patients seen on emergency and for preoperative blood work.

Pulse Oximetry

We monitor all surgical patients under anesthesia by digital pulse oximetry to add a greater margin of safety. This noninvasive method of measuring blood oxygen levels and pulse rate gives a constant reading of the patient’s status while under anesthesia.

Radiology (x-rays)

Radiology is an noninvasive method of examination, to help us pinpoint your pet’s problems. We have a state-of-the-art standard, digital x-ray machine that is capable of taking quality radiographs of any size dog, cat or smaller pet. If necessary x-rays are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist to help make the correct decisions about your pet’s treatment.  We also have digital dental x-ray equipment for on-the-spot assessment of problems below the gum line.

Special Lab Diagnostics Outsourcing 

Rapid, accurate results are important in expediting your pet’s treatments. If we cannot diagnose your pet’s illness through in-hospital testing, we use a local professional veterinary laboratory for specialized, diagnostic blood work and histopathology.


We offer both abdominal and cardiac (heart) ultrasound services. Ultrasound is a wonderful technique that allows a completely safe and noninvasive method of visualizing the interior of the body. Unlike conventional x-rays, which can cause harm if used excessively, recent evidence shows that ultrasound is completely free from these side-effects. In addition, ultrasound allows the doctor to achieve a depth of detail that is not possible with x-rays.


We offer controlled chemotherapy services including in-house monitoring of blood response and administration of chemotherapeutic agents to treat different types of cancerous conditions.